Sunday, September 14, 2008

PA to Williamstown, VT

Today we had our longest car trip to date. We said good bye to Pennsylvania today. We loved it there. The people were great, the food was even better. We could have easily stayed a few more weeks and found things to do. But it was time to move on for now.

We sat this morning chatting with our neighbors and Nicky their dog before pulling out. They travel about six months out of the year and gave us great tips for when we are in Peace River in a few months. Mental note to self: Remember Pioneer Restaurant and eat the fried chicken dinner when you go. I think I should probably start keeping track of travel tips like this because people are so kind to share them and I will surely forget them if not.

We drove from New Holland PA to Williamstown VT. We normally will try to keep our travel time around four hours on average. Today we more than doubled that. I don't recommend it.On a good note, we are staying at the Limehurst Lake Campground, and so far it appears to be very nice. Actually I haven't seen it yet because we arrived after dark. The lady who helped us to our site was very nice though so I'm hoping the campground is like her.

The drive here was just breath taking. I am beginning to think that is what I am going to write a lot while sharing on this blog. It is breath taking. Really it was though. I can't wait to see more tomorrow.