Friday, September 12, 2008

Olivia's Birthday and Pretzel Factory Tour

Today is Olivia Grace's sixth birthday, which makes the day special just for that reason. Today and on Gabe's birthday have been the saddest days so far for me since we began this journey. Not that the day was sad. That I wasn't there with them is what was sad to me. I have not missed sharing that day with her up until today and now I feel even more empathy for all of the families out there that do not get to share birthdays with loved ones.

We finally made it to the Pretzel Factory tour today. It was short, but there was some great information in the time that we were there. Austin learned how to hand make a pretzel both the easy way and the hard way.
He also located a record player today and has a Beatle's record playing as I type this. He had a huge record collection before we sold our house and now he wishes he had kept it. I guess he will just start over again.

It is raining again today and I have to say, I am not fond of the rain. In Florida, minus tropical storms or hurricanes, we do not have rainy days. We have rainy hours, if that, and then Mr Sunshine comes back out again. It is quite gloomy to spend a whole day without seeing the sun. Today I was ready to run back "home" just to see the sun. Then I remembered it is hurricane season and Ike is looming out there in a terrifying way so I decided to be grateful where I am. Here's to hoping the sun graces us with its presence tomorrow.


hatesyou said...

before this day you never taught about what your own daughter feels like on her daughters birthday, that she will NEVER spend with her again..?!?

little castle said...

Yes, even before this day I thought about it. And on this day, I felt even more empathy for how hard that must be.