Friday, September 26, 2008

More Bar Harbor

During the time we have been here, the kids have taken advantage of the propane powered buses that are free to ride. They discovered they could even get groceries by doing this and one day Austin went and got milk for the family by riding it. Pretty cool. Because of this, we have spent less time just driving around than we normally do.The shop where Austin bought his ukulele and penny whistle. I have to stop for a minute and brag on him. This kid, without a single formal lesson, has learned to play drums, guitar, harmonica, and now is learning his two new instruments. He has tremendous perseverance in this area and just doesn't stop until he gets it. While he may not know all the ins and outs to do with these instruments, he has found a way to feed his love for music and I think that's so coolWe spent some time today without the buses so that we could snap some pictures while wandering by car and foot. This is one of the neatest places. The houses are so full of character and are huge. We talked a lot about different styles of homes based on different areas of our country and how fascinating that is to us.
The best part of the day was that it was date night, so we went back to the restaurant we enjoyed and had some adult only time. We are going to miss Maine!