Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bok Tower Gardens

After the candy factory, we headed over to Bok Tower Gardens. Edward William Bok (1863-1930), American editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, was born in Den Helder, Netherlands, on October 9, 1863.His 1920 autobiography, The Americanization of Edward Bok, won the Gold Medal of the Academy of Political and Social Science and the Pulitzer Prize for best autobiography.

Lauren sees how the human sundial works:Bok wanted to preserve this hilltop and create a bird sanctuary - a place of beauty, serenity and peace.In all the natural beauty of the gardens, Bok believed something was missing.
Remembering the glorious sound of carillons in his native Netherlands, he decided to build a beautiful Singing Tower as the focal point of the Gardens which would be crowned by a large carillon.
Bok commissioned fellow Philadelphian, architect Milton B. Medary, to design and build the majestic carillon tower. Medary drew his main inspiration from the Gothic towers and churches of Europe, but wanted to adapt his design to the characteristics of the Florida landscape.
Lee Lawrie, a noted sculptor from New York, was engaged to design the elaborate marble sculpture that adorns the Tower. Although Medary's overall design is neo-Gothic in its conception, he, like Lawrie, was a man of the times. Thus, Lawrie incorporated art deco influences into the sculptural decoration of the Tower.
Construction of the Tower began in 1927 and was completed in time for the dedication on February 1, 1929.

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