Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heading Out to San Francisco

Well, technically we are just heading out west, but the song has been running through my head all day long since we officially headed out on our quest to see the wild west. We have been patiently biding our time in Florida since it was too cold to be elsewhere, and we became so restless that we moved our schedule up by almost a month to get going sooner and today was the day! I was so excited that I could barely sleep last night.

This morning, we did our moving day thing and it went very smoothly. Before we headed out, the kids said goodbye to Barb and Dennis:
Barb is the one who introduced us to Pickle Ball and she has adopted my kids since then. She tells them like she thinks it is and they adore her for it. She introduced me to fish tacos and the best Mexican restaraunt we've visited since being on the road. And she made my Valentine's Day gift. Barb rocks, and so does Dennis.

We hadn't really planned to make friends when we first began this. We thought we'd meet neat people, but didn't really think of counting any as friends. She is one of the first people to change our minds on that topic.

We landed in Like Oak, FL at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park campground. So far, we are really enjoying it.

As Nathan was trying to fit our RV in our spot, this man comes walking out of the woods from a hiking trail and I about fell over because it was someone we knew. I thought, "How did he get here?". Nathan made a production of telling the kids that we might go eight months without seeing one person we know and here is someone we met at Peace River, walking through our site, at the very first place we stopped. LOL

It was Mike and he went to get Linda, his wife, and brought her over to gab for a bit. They, as most people we know from TT, are the most interesting people. They are also pondering living on a boat and they are from Maryland and knew where New Market was (where we lived in VA). They were a great reminder that although the world is big, it doesn't always have to feel that way. And they were a great reminder of how much we normally adore people from Thousand Trails. They just tend to be good people as Austin would say.