Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today Nathan's computer, otherwise known as his baby, died on him. Just went kaput, wouldn't even turn on type of thing. Not even blue screened, black screened or whatever else screened-just dead. I think it died from over exhaustion, but he doesn't believe that is possible, so he called the Apple store to see who could give it mouth to mouth resuscitation and bring it back to life.

I did the wifely thing and tagged along to go, and since it was in a mall, we decided to do our Valentine's day dinner and he bought me one of my gifts there too. It was a great meal at California Pizza and can I say for the record that the chocolate banana cream cake there was divine!

We came out to the sound of music and saw there were live performers. We love this kind of thing, so we parked ourselves there and enjoyed:

I forgot to say that I also was gifted with a sweet bracelet that Barb made. I love it. We've been married long enough that we don't make a big deal about this day, but we try to live it out each day-sometimes more successfully than others. I'm still a sucker for gifts though, so I thought it was very sweet that he did try to make the day special for me.