Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

As I'm sure is evident by now, I love pickle ball. What I don't love in the hours that pickle ball people tend to keep.

I am not a morning person, or to be more accurate, in the morning I don't want to be around persons at all. No matter what time I am up, I need a few hours before I have to speak or think or be nice to others.

So many times, I opt out of playing pickle ball at TT because quite frankly they are out playing at a time where my brain and body are still saying "Huh?".

Because I love Daryl and Diana, I pushed past my physical and mental limitations and was out on the court at 9:30 am. They bought us a really cool coffee and hot drink machine for Christmas so the least I could do was drink three cups of it in order to play with them. Not really, I did have one cup though. Three cups makes me really, really mean and that's not a great thing when combined with my morning anti-sociableness.

I am mostly writing this to say that within days they are playing very well. They can hold their own quite well against us. They were supposed to have a bit of a slower learning curve so we could feel better than them for just a short bit and feel really good about helping them get better. Guess not.

Oh yeah, actually I am mostly writing this not to brag on them, but to pat myself on the back to say how loving of an act it was to play with them this morning.

I am guessing they are the ones that felt they were acting in kindness towards me instead though. I was pretty cranky. I realized just how much we do love each other. I put up with people breathing and talking. They put up with my snarky, same clothes as yesterday wearing, unshowered, hair sticking up all over in some spots and severely matted to my head in others self. Really, if that isn't love than I don't know what is. Oh, the things we do for love.

Overheard while out and about today: (small boy to even smaller boy) If you keep picking your nose, you'll run out of boogers.

Hmmmm...why does this not seem to be true for my husband??????????

Living the life in Florida!


laurie l. goodman said...

your sense of humour reigns!
cool pics too!

unschoolermom said...

LOL. Very cute post! I enjoyed it! It is true that we do things that we would never dream of for the people we love. I admit that I am not an outdoors-y kind of person at all. Do you know how many trips, though, that we have made to lakes and up hills and to places that I would never have thought I would go because Taliesin and Nathanael wanted to explore or find rocks for their rock collection or whatever reason. LOL. I really did enjoy your post! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is one of those times I must contradict our traveling buddies. They rock at pickle ball and we have not beat them yet! But thank you for the generous comments! =) Also, Krystal looked completely adorable even in the early morning hours, without a hair out of place. Do you love us enough to play each morning during our week at Peace River? Or does love have is limits? =)

little castle said...

Oh my goodness, you are funny. My hair was only in place because it was matted to my head and stuck under a visor. Did you have your contacts in that morning? ;->

I'm pretty sure my love does have limits but I also am pretty sure you can easily talk me into it. =)