Monday, February 9, 2009

Tampa to Wauchula

Today we moved from Tampa to Wauchula otherwise known as TT Peace River. As we pulled up, I thought to myself, "Ahhhh....there's no place like home" and while thinking that Austin said, "We're home!" . We love this place!


laurie l. goodman said...

This little post means a lot. I really love that the place resonated with you right away. Also, it really shows a true sense of home not having to equal a stix and bricks existence.. We can be at home anywhere...the world is our home...As I contemplate what community means, where 'home' is and so on, this opens my mind to a new perspective. I mean we would joke that America is our new backyard...but this provides a larger framework. Another step towards globalization of ourselves in the world. Thanks! As the FOTR says, home is where you park it!

little castle said...

I had no idea how true this was before living on the road. The world is our home and we are at home anywhere are wonderful things to discover, aren't they? It's also given me an opportunity to see what really builds stability in our children's lives and it has nothing to do with a building.