Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Highland Hammocks Park

Today Austin and I had some things we needed to get done, so Auburn and Nathan headed over to Highland Hammocks Park. They were having a Music in the Park Day.Although there are many things about this park that make it a great one, by far we think the trees are what make it an incredible place here. I believe this tree is over 1,000 years old (and if I'm wrong, please feel free to let me know).And just because I think he's the cutest thing ever, I have to show off Ace's newest trick-he can "walk himself" now. No human necessary.


kakno said...

Dd says she would love to play on that tree and spend all day doing it, lol!

jaci said...

Of course your kids are cute (and the dog) BUT - BUT!!! - That tree is really cool! It is so totally a faerie tree.

little castle said...

The tree is nothing short of amazing to us! Auburn calls them Jurassic Park trees and I can see why.