Saturday, February 7, 2009

De Sota National Memorial Park

On the way back, we stopped at De Soto National Memorial park. From their website: On a swelteringly hot day in May 1539, Spaniard Hernando de Soto splashed ashore at Tampa Bay intent on capturing the riches of La Florida by any means necessary. His army was alternately welcomed and opposed by Native American tribes throughout what is now the Southeastern United States in a four year, four thousand mile odyssey of intrigue, warfare, disease, and discovery.

Notice the gumbo limbo trees around the memorial marker, they are supposedly some of the largest specimens in Florida. And of course before he left, Austin had to try and get a game of kick the can going. He loves kick the can and we never play it unless Daryl is around too.
On the way home we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had dinner. We came home and took a long walk around the campground before heading to bed. It was a good day.