Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It Was Another Ordinary Day....

Today was one of those lovely, lazy days that I said I was going to blog about. Somewhere in the middle of the day I remembered that I said I'd blog more about these kinds of days and smiled big because I took a second to soak up what I do love about them. They are the kinds of days where we have all the time in the world to just spend time doing what we want and most of all, talking to each other-sharing ourselves so to speak.

We lounged around in the morning and some of us played a bit of Wii. Me and Aubs went to get haircuts, then we headed to a few clothing stores to see if we could find any goodies, then we went to Super Target to pick up some ice cream. We ended up picking up ice cream and sherbet, because after all it is really hot here. We came back and went to the pool, ate dinner and got ready to do our nightly pickle ball and bike riding ritual. Ahhhh....yup, this is the kind of day that I just love.

And then Ace apparently thought this would not in fact make for good blogging material and decided to help us out. By eating a fishing line. With a hook attached to the end of it. I have no idea how, why or anything else. I've decided animals are like children, sometimes it is just better not to ponder such things or it will make your brain explode.

One vet visit and $460 later...he's fine. It was in the gray zone, which meant they could go in and cut the hook in half and pull it out. If it had not been in this zone, he'd have to go to someone else to fix the problem. And it would be lots more money.

We are breathing a collective sigh of relief that he is okay because we all love Ace as much as we love all of the other members of our family. I take back what I said a few days ago about us getting a dog when Ace leaves. I'm too old to handle animals and grandkids!

Living the life in California!


Holly Simpson said...

Love this. Love the everyday stuff that makes up Life!!!

laurie l. goodman said...

glad Ace is A-OK! phew!!!

unschoolermom said...

Oh, I am glad everything is okay with your dog! That would have been scary!