Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

We spent another day with Dennis and Eileen, Patti and Roland and their son Matt. Our first stop was Joshua Tree National Park. My friend Laurie told me this was a must see place so I was excited about finally seeing it.


laurie l. goodman said...

you made it!
wasn't it peaceful there?
did you like the cholla? the joshua trees?
cool what you've done with the pics and writing underneath-what program did you use for that? and how did you manage to post it here?
are you digitally scrapbooking essentially?
made any books yet?

little castle said...

It was peaceful there. Given we went in mid-July, it was really peaceful. ;-> I like the cholla even more than the Joshua trees. It was all cool though.

It is digital scrapbooking, used in PS and then compressed to jpeg so I can post it as one big picture. I can't remember what program you use but if it has layers, it can probably be done with this. You could even build your own frames in PS, but I'm too lazy to do that when someone else has already done it.

Oh yeah on the books. I've probably done 20-30 books by now. That was a passion of mine long before we hit the road. Love doing the books! Still want to see yours someday!