Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is sooooooo HOT here!

This is what we say ten times a day, at least. Or the variation of this-it is SO HOT.

I know, we are from Florida, so we should be used to the heat. There are two factors that have affected us here though. In Florida, we expect the heat each year and we plan to mostly stay inside during the worst of it. Think winters up north, and reverse it. We came here during those super hot months, thinking we could get out and do tons of stuff. Not.

The other factor is in Florida, we ran the air all day long and it was cool inside. At best, our air is keeping the inside of the RV an oh so cool 85-90 degrees during the middle of the day. It got down to 80 one day and Auburn went to turn the air off, deeming 80 the perfect temperature. Again, I say "not"! I think her brain melted due to the heat or something!

Luckily there is this here: So this is where we plant ourselves, book in hand, and moving as little as possible.

It's not too rough. I have finished three books since getting here!

Living the life in California!