Sunday, July 12, 2009

Picnic and Pickle Ball with Friends

I've heard people that do a RTW tour talk about hitting the wall-a time when you don't want to continue on and you want to go back home. I didn't suspect we'd have the same issue for two reasons. One, we are home (in the US) and two, we still get to see people we know along the way. Sure, we hit a few times when we wondered why on earth we ever attempted to do this, but it would last a few hours and we'd be over it. I hit a wall right before I went to my retreat though.

Daryl and Diana were talking about flying out and spending time at Yosemite with us and then her grandmother broke her hip, so they called and said they can't come after all. I cried. I thought I'd be sad and move on. I didn't. I hit a wall and wanted to head back east. I was tired of being in places where we didn't have friends and family around. Or maybe it's more I had gotten spoiled by usually having friends or family around and in San Diego we didn't have either. Either way, I was moody and wanted to go back to a place where I can count on seeing friends and family when I want. I missed our kids not with us. I really, really missed our grandchildren. I didn't care that we hadn't even made it through California, let alone went up the whole coast. I wanted to go home. Not US home. But home-home.

Then I went to my retreat. Normally I attend the work part and head back home. This time I stayed a few extra days just for fun. It was just what the doctor ordered. I came back tired, but full again. Ready to head out again. Ready to indulge the explorer in me. I thought, wow-that was more than enough to get me back on track.Then, to make things even sweeter, a few of my friends and their men folk came up to the campground we were camping at and hung out with us. I think I've shared here a time or ten that I love these kinds of things best of all. Austin and I were giddy while preparing for them. This was the first we'd had someone come to the campground just to hang with us. Usually they are already at the campground or we meet them somewhere else. We loved it. Good food, good fun and good conversation. I am sometimes a spaz about such things so I tried to maintain my cool and just kept it inside my own head that my brain was going WOOHOO this is so incredibly awesome! Well, I might not have kept it inside my head. You'd have to ask our guests. That's not the important part though. The important part is, I loved it and they said they had a good time too.

Nathan cooked dinner and the guys cleaned up while we gals chatted. Auburn showed off her 1001 dog tricks that she has taught Ace. The guys all played pickleball while we gals chatted. Austin played guitar for them and we all chatted some. Good stuff!

Our friends pictured here are Eileen and Dennis, and Patti and Roland. Patti and Roland live near here in Indio and Eileen and Dennis live in Wisconsin. Thanks guys for coming up and hanging out with us. We felt so loved by all of you!

Living the life in CA!


laurie l. goodman said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts Krystal... Interesting timing for me personally considering where we are now... I'm glad that your retreat got you back on track and you feel better... you'll know when it's truly time to go home for good or just for a visit...whatever the case, continue to savour and love-up this time and the treasure trove of memories you are creating...follow your heart...

little castle said...

How so on the interesting timing for where you are now?

It did seem to help me feel grounded again. I am LOL because I must not feel that way deep inside because as soon as I read "go home for good"-my reaction was NO WAY! I don't want to go home for good-gosh, I don't want to go anywhere for good. ;-> A few days of "home" does sound good. But for way. Guess my heart still has the wanderlust more strongly than the need for roots. =)

jaci said...

That's so wonderful, Krystal! I can see how you could get into a funk now and then, but to have such good friends come through in the end! I'm glad you're all refreshed & ready to go some more!