Friday, July 31, 2009

Glendale OR to South Beach OR

Today was a much shorter travel day, and was a smooth trip the whole way. We are settled into Whaler's Rest Thousand Trails resort.

We have noticed a trend since hitting the west coast and that is that the RV's are much smaller as a whole than we've experienced on the east coast. After driving here, we understand why. I would personally be checking into something about the size of a pop-up if we lived here and had to pull it often.

When we pulled into the campground the guy working said he'd never seen an RV as big as ours. Which made us nervous because that meant the sites were probably not large enough to easily accommodate our rig. They did point us to a site that was long/wide enough but it took some work to get in. We provided lots of entertainment for the sites next to us and the three cars that were stuck while waiting for us to get parked.The people both working and camping here were all so friendly that it helped it be a bit less embarrassing to us. This is a gorgeous resort, and the kids are already begging to stay longer. We'll see, although the access to the beach is enough to have me wanting to stay. I could soak up the sea air all day long and never tire of it.Living the life in cool Oregon!