Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shields Date Gardens~Indio CA

Today we headed out for some fun and we stopped at this neat place. I've seen a lot of unique things over the past year, and this had one of the more interesting ones:I never thought about the date having a romantic life, but apparently they do. I watched a bit of this movie and found it interesting that they hand pollinate the trees. I wish I could tell you more, but I was too busy gabbing with my friends to absorb much. I did have a date milkshake and it was very sweet which to me equals very good.


sandi said...

I'm glad you gals are having fun!

little castle said...

Thanks Sandi. We are having a blast together.

jaci said...

The love life of the date???

I was thinking about you today. You're coming north through CA, right? Jan Wilk has a gold mine in N. CA - website is
She's no mail on ccu right now, but is a real sweetie and the invitation to go mine for gold is an open one. Let me know if you're interested & I'll find Jan's email address for you. :) And Elaine Birch is in the Redwoods. Then Cheryl in southern Oregon. You have a lot of ccu-ers to meet.

little castle said...

Jaci, I'd love Jan's email address. Thank you. I'm writing down where Elaine and Cheryl both live too. Thanks so much!