Monday, July 6, 2009

Salvation Mountain

This is one place we wanted to visit while in San Diego and we just never made it over there. So we went today instead.For more information, you can read here: Salvation MountainI truly don't think I can describe this place accurately with words. Unlike anything else we've ever seen. Inspirational. Fascinating. We loved it. Living the life in hot and sunny California!


Donna said...

Wow, I didn't know a place like that existed. How cool.

Anonymous said...

Last time we were there we got to meet Leonard Knight, the creator of the mountain. Amazing experience!
On another topic, I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the wind turbines. Wish I'd gotten pix of them when we were there. They are putting some of them in other states now, but none as awesome a sight as those you saw.


little castle said...

Hi Sallie! Unfortunately we did not get to meet Leonard. We hope we can meet him the next time we drop in. He sounds as interesting as his creation. The wind turbines are an incredible site, aren't they?

unschoolermom said...

This is so cute! What a neat thing to do! Thank you!


Sallie said...

Krystal -- I'm really just trying to see if I finally have this blogger posting figured out.

We love that whole area of CA. where you are. We stayed at Fountain of Youth (you guys don't need that!). Only problem is it is sooo far from everywhere -- groceries etc.

little castle said...


It worked! I don't know what the Fountain of Youth is, but you have me curious now. Off to google it!
It is a great area, isn't it?


barenaked said...

We visited Salvation Mountain this past January and it was truly an epic visit...Glad to see other Families getting to see this place!


little castle said...


It was an incredible visit for us also. We hope to visit again sometime and maybe even meet Leonard.