Friday, July 31, 2009

Oregon House CA to Glendale OR

Today we said goodbye to California and headed to Oregon. We have two long driving days back to back, which we normally never do. We were hoping for smooth travel days since it is hard to travel like that even under the best of circumstances.

We loved the scenery along the way. We were thrilled to have internet while driving since we've been without it for a few weeks now. I even got to talk to Diana, which was especially nice after no phone service for two weeks.

We loved seeing this:And then 28 miles from our destination, this happened:
Which meant we spent over an hour doing this:
Did I mention that it is really, really hot here right now? That didn't help matters. We are back in business though, ready for another long day tomorrow!

Living the life in gorgeous Oregon!


Barb said...

Oh no!! Since you're reading my Ireland stories you will know I have great empathy for you. I think blowing out on your house is worse than the one we had in Ireland, though. Hugs!

little castle said...

I felt for you when I read of your car troubles also. I am intrigued by the key "hidden" in the card and the hidden keyhole in the door of the car. Want to see this for myself now!

jaci said...

Ouch. BTDT in the heat.

laurie l. goodman said...

o that bites- funny, we blew a tire when we were 20 mins. from our destination in ontario! so close! ugh! found out we didn't have a hydrolic jack-that would have been helpful-plus we didn't renew CAA as we thought we had roadside through our warranty on the trailer! ugh! this was all after driving from alberta to ontario...lesson learned, gotta check those tires!!!
glad it didn't hold you back much...