Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Arranged Marriage

We don't really believe in arranged marriages, but we saw something today that made us change our minds. We just couldn't pass this opportunity of a lifetime up. So we are proud to announce that we are seeking an arrangement for Auburn's hand in marriage . Her future husband is a visionary. He is frugal. He is creative. And he is able to think outside the box, which is one of the things we admire most in people. I offer up the following pictures as proof of his obvious bend towards genius. The whole deal:The back of his handiwork:And here is the front. You can see how fascinated Auburn is by this thing. Then again, so is Ace. Or maybe that is fear. Fear and fascination look a lot alike.And here is what let us know that Miss Aubs has a chance to spend eternity in wedded bliss with this prince of peculiarity. You have to click on the picture to read the fine print:Now don't try to outbid us on our offer, because we are willing to toss in Austin as a potential BFF and he is willing to say Git 'r done as many times a day as is necessary. We are quite confident that this along with the boat will seal the deal. Oh wait, boat.

Daryl, can we borrow your boat? I know you haven't bought it yet, but can you hurry up and buy it so we borrow it? We can throw your kids in the deal as dog and chicken caretaker girl and hunting buddy boy. Wait, if we did that then you'd really want the boat. Drat. Need to figure out plan B....quickly.

Living the life in Florida!


Anonymous said...

I heard you guys are in a reality show but If this is true I would love to watch it. When is this show on and channel that it's on. Please e-mail me at, thanks.

little castle said...

Hi there! We are not on a reality show, however there is a family that live full time in their RV that did do a show. The family is the Loud Family and their show is Six on the Road. They have a website where you can get more information about their lives and when the next show will be (I haven't heard yet). Thank you for visiting our blog!