Monday, January 12, 2009

FAQ-What is the Hardest Part of Living This Way?

Another question that we get asked is, What is the hardest part/s of living the way you do?

Initially, the hardest part was just learning a new way of doing everything. So much of our lives has remained the same, but to say it is just like living in a house is far from true.

So what has been hard? For me, it is hard to adjust to not knowing the details about where we will be staying next. It is hard not knowing the roads that will take you there. Are they RV friendly or not? What about once we get there? What's the park going to be like? Will it be easy/hard to get into our site? Will the people be friendly or not? What about the local scene? How can I find the best places to shop, eat and play? Where is the library, post office, hospital and police station? What areas are safe and what areas are not that safe? What will the weather be like?

It's very similar to moving when living in a house, except you do it over and over and over again, sometimes within a matter of days.

Mail delivery and banking is not as easy as when living in a house. You can't always count on your cell phone working. You can't hop in your car and see friends and family in a day to day way (if you used to live near them-and we did).

I think hands down the hardest thing for us has been we don't have high speed internet. That might seem to be a pretty minor thing, but it really is the thing we find the most irritating on a day to day basis.