Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making New Friends

Today while talking on the phone to girlfriend support, I looked up just in time to see this walking by our site (actually 2 of them together):
Austin tried to go and stand next to it in order to produce a great photo op, but the birds were having none of that so this is as close as he was able to get to it.He had just arrived back from hanging out with his new friend, Natasha or Tasha as he calls her. He is having tons of fun with her and her grandma.

He has been practicing his guitar with the instructional DVD's he received for his birthday and he must have felt he had made good progress because he went down to the jam session and he played three songs in front of a big crowd. He played Country Roads, Knockin on Heaven's Door and Wild Thing. Rock on dude!

He is still working on his tennis game and another TT member brought him a video to watch between now and when we go to Peace River. I love it when people who are great at something take the time to help my children (or me) learn that skill.


laurie l. goodman said...

mentorship on the road...i love it!