Sunday, January 4, 2009

Taking Care of Business

Today we drove all the way up to Orlando. This would have been ok with me, except Orlando is one of the places we just came from. So the thought of driving up there and back in one day, when we were just there really irritated me. But we needed to move the last of our stuff from Nathan's office to our storage shed and this was our last free day while here, so we did it. The trip went just fine and we now have all of our earthly possesions, minus what we have in our RV, in one tiny storage unit. Pretty wild.

This is what the moon looked like when we got back to the RV. I have tried to search online to see if this is something rare or special, but can't find anything about it. So if you know anything about, I'd love to hear you share!


Barb said...

How interesting! According to the lunar phases, that is exactly the stage it was in except I have never seen it "sideways" like that. Let us know if you find out anything!