Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moving Without Going Anywhere

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels and not actually going anywhere? Today, I felt complete frustration because we decided to stay in one park instead of splitting it up because packing up and moving takes some work.

Instead, we have stayed at the same park and had to move three times to different sites. So we managed to pack up twice, only to move to another section in the same park. Which means we've now been able to explore loop D, Loop K and Loop G. What fun! Yes, I'm being sarcastic and grumpy because if I go through all of the trouble of a moving day, I like to actually see some benefit from the moving.

Beyond that, we are all grumpy because we are anxious to get out of the state park (which has been lovely) and get back to a TT. We miss the people and the activities there. It's been a good sign that we did the right thing by buying our TT membership!

We've had a strange thing happen at the park today, and that is that the Gator fans are all moving in. I will have to snap some pictures tomorrow and share this with everyone. It's really.....interesting.


unschoolermom said...

Sounds like me when I just get sick of sitting in the house or just going to work. I think all of us need change - whether we live travelling or in a house in one place. Thank you for the post!