Monday, January 26, 2009

FAQ-How Long Do You Plan on Doing This?

How long do you plan on doing this? This seems to be the latest popular question that our friends and family want to know the answer to. I initially said I would do this for a year, and I think that mentally that allowed me a safe end in sight in case I hated it. I can be a person that gets very fired up and thinks something sounds great and then when I actually try it go...ummm.....not so much. Given this was a pretty huge thing to try, I knew I needed to be fairly certain that I'd enjoy it before trying, but I also knew I needed to be fairly certain that if I didn't love it we could quit at some point.

In other words, I wanted it to be long enough to give it a fair shake but not so long that if I hated it I wouldn't be able to finish out my commitment.

Now that we've been doing this for six months I am thinking a year won't even begin to allow us to see all we want to. Some of this being due to the timing of when our house sold and how much we could actually travel because of the weather. Some of that being that we do in fact love this and want to go slow so we can really absorb it.So my today answer to this question is we are still on track to do at least a year's worth of this and we will continue do this as long as it is still working for us.

Not related but in writing this it has hit me that we have been on the road six months now so it's a little mini anniversary for us I guess. In reflecting on that, my reaction to how it is going so far is that this has been much harder in some ways than I thought it would be. And I love it even more than I thought I might.Living the life in Florida!

The cutie patootie is my nephew Josh. No, he doesn't have anything to do with this post. I'm just excited about seeing him later this week so had him on my mind and I was too lazy to take pictures today.


laurie l. goodman said...

Congrats on your 6 month anniversary on the road! I appreciate your candid and humorous writing especially as it echoes so many of my own thoughts and processes! Keep on rollin'... and writin'! :) laur p.s. where is your next destination? do you know?

little castle said...

Thanks Laurie. We are heading out "west" in three weeks. It will look something like N. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. I'd love to hook up if our schedules can mesh while we are there. Email me privately for actual dates if you do want to.