Friday, January 30, 2009

Cold and Rainy Weather

Last night I went to head to bed and realized our fantastic fan is not so fantastic after all. In case you don't know what a fantastic fan is, it's the fan on our ceiling that closes itself automatically when it senses rain. It was pouring rain. I know, you are thinking that I'm going to share that it hadn't closed. Wrong. It wasn't even open, so it didn't have to close.

Instead, alongside of the outside of our not so fantastic fan there was a gap that apparently was allowing rain to pour into our room. Right on our bed. With our new sleep by number mattress. And my new down comforter.

I would have cried but I was too alarmed by the fact that my husband really can sleep through anything. He has now proven it. Picture water pouring on your feet, and still sleeping and snoring through it. Maybe he was dreaming that we were traveling the world in a boat instead of an RV, which by the way is his next goal. And not mine. But back to the rain. Pouring into my room and on my bed.

I ask for HELP and he is half asleep so he gets out of bed and stands under the problem to observe in order to know how to best fix it. I guess the engineer in him couldn't resist. When I suggested he might want to actually do something right away to stop the water from hitting the bed he stuck out his hands to catch the water. Really, he did. It reminded me of when I used to do that when my children vomited. Poor guy. I really screamed then.

I went and got a bucket. And stuck it under the running water. The only problem was that it had to sit on the bed in order to catch the running water. So after we decided to go to bed because there was nothing else we could do for now, we realized that we had to make sure the bucket didn't overflow. He set his alarm so he could get up and check it. What he lacks in quick response, he more than makes up in sacrificial acts of love.

I was once again reminded of why two can be better than one. Despite what it looks like at times, we really are much better as a team than when we are alone.

Thanks honey for helping to fix the problem. Oh, and sorry that I kicked the bucket in my sleep and spilled it all over the bed after I yelled at you for letting water get on that same bed. Maybe a public apology with me eating humble pie will be accepted as a peace offering?

It's cold and rainy and I don't function great with either. Praying for sunshine tomorrow!

Living the life in Florida.


jaci said...

ugh - I can so relate to this entire scenario, right up to having to eat the humble pie later.

I hope you got it all dried out and everything is hunky-dory now.

little castle said...

Yeah, having children and a husband ensures a steady diet of humble pie for me.

It is all dried out and everything is good. =)

laurie l. goodman said...

well i'm afraid we had quite a chuckle at your expense this morning- i read the blog to the boyz...they thought that would be bad if that happened water pouring over everything... i like your good humour about it's these startling, upsetting and team building experiences that make the best stories! stay dry!

little castle said...

I had a chuckle too, so glad you could join the fun. =) Yes, the unusual things are the ones we remember later. Wasn't fun when it happened but I am cracking up now. What's your weather like right now? It's still cold and rainy in FL!