Friday, January 9, 2009

Things I Love about TT

I'm beginning to feel like a Thousand Trails infomerical or something, but I truly do love staying at Thousand Trails resorts more than any of the other campgrounds so far. I've been in a funk shortly after we left the system and haven't really snapped out of it until today. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and realized we were returning today. Our friend Barb once described the one in Peace River like "coming home" and I agree with her. It's comfy and cozy and the people are just wonderful.As I pull in to the resort and am sitting there waiting, someone comes up to the car to wave and let me know that the vegetable guys will be there until five so I still have time to get some and the veggies/fruit looked wonderful today. That's just how the people are so far at TT's. They wave when they see you. They look out for you and update you when you return. Without being overly cheesy, they are like family in that way. And being away from that for a few weeks has me feeling all the more grateful for it now that it's returned to our lives.

It's really packed at the resort now, so places were a bit more limited. We had a somewhat tough time getting in our spot and setting up. We got it done before it was dark though so it was ok in the end.

We went to dinner tonight at a local place, The Pioneer Restaraunt. This place was recommended to us by a couple we met in Pennsylvania. They had different fish specials (catfish, shrimp) and good home cooked sides. Lots of food for a great price! Can't beat that.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! It is really good to be back "home".


laurie l. goodman said...

That's good to know about Thousand Trails- we drove by one here in California the other day, it looked nice. I like the idea of consistent friendliness, it's hit and miss here. Love your photos! Some effects are similar to what I do...maybe you can email me sometime and we can talk photography! Do you use a Mac? iphoto?

little castle said...

I highly recommend Thousand Trails. Thanks for the compliment on the photos. Especially since I think the same thing every time I look at yours. I'd love to talk photography sometime. I don't use a Mac, although my hubby has one. I use Photoshop to edit. I was just reading your blog this morning and was excited to see something about Joshua Tree. We have that on our list to do when we go out west (leaving in March).