Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pet Parade

We are still at Peace River Thousand Trails and have been having fun with their activities here. Auburn and Ace participated in a Pet Show today. (Loving the pink coats/sweaters on the cutie pie dogs)
They had different categories and each dog was able to show tricks, look cute and show off. Ace won "dog that knows the most tricks" and here was his prize:
It was so much fun. Auburn used to be very hesitant when it came to life. She'd stand back and watch a lot, but had a harder time jumping in. I've seen her slowly evolve other the past few years and it's been neat to see her mature in this area. She is still cautious by nature but she can jump in when she wants to.

I loved that Auburn signed up for this and did this on her own. I'm always impressed when they can pursue their interest and don't let life or other people intimidate them. They can jump in with younger children, teens or adults and do equally well with each group.

Warning-whine ahead: It is cold here. Not rest of the country cold, but for Florida-it is cold. We are not liking it one bit. I hope it warms up soon.