Monday, January 26, 2009

Overheard Today

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm:

Mother in grocery store yelling at child: Why do you always have to yell?
(Gee, I dunno)

Women to friend commenting on mother yelling at child: That's disgusting-can you imagine being so hateful to another human being?
(Why yes, now I can)

Woman to man in grocery store: Well if I had money I wouldn't be here now, would I?
(I guess if you have money, food is no longer necessary)

Man who bought two chairs from us to other man who came along to help: Will the chairs sit in the van?
(as opposed to what-dancing????)

Other man in response: If you put them in there they will.
(Spot on!)

A sister to her brother: Your feet smell so bad I am getting a headache from them.
(No comment)

and the best news I heard all week:

my husband after I came back home from selling the two chairs and grocery shopping-taking a line from the movie Big Daddy: I can wipe my own *beep*! I can wipe my own *beep*!
(translation-His seized back unseized enough so he could get out of bed to attend to his uh....personal business)

Oh my.